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Elina Kustlyvy

Personal Branding

Crafting Your Visual Identity

We live in an era where personal branding shapes professional landscapes, personal branding photography emerges as a powerful tool to crystallize and communicate one's professional essence. This genre of photography transcends traditional portraits, delving into the narrative that each professional seeks to convey.

Why show off this tech now? Largely because the company is currently raising cash stateside and was just awarded a few patents related to these technologies last week.I had the chance to demo a prototype of the company’s technology last week using a modified Oculus Rift headset with Varjo’s display systems embedded.I suppose the best testament to the company’s technology was that I spent most of the demo questioning whether my eye sight had actually been improved. After being dropped into an apartment scene, I was almost disturbed by my ability to read the spines of books on bookshelves several feet away.

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