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Portraits don’t have to be boring. Like some of the ones we all have. A good portrait is like a timeless painting that tells you a story. It can be inspired by fashion, highlighted by creative or natural beauty make-up, it can convey a theme or a statement. Portraits are powerful ways of telling your clients, friends and loved ones about your view of this world. What is your story? Let’s tell it together.


Having worked with various brands: big and small, I know how important it is to establish or carry your brand identity. I’ve worked with fashion and skincare businesses to help them highlight how their brands can help people better express their beauty or personality. Whether you are an established brand or just starting to build your brand identity, I will be happy to support you.


Are you a photographer, influencer, model, or a business that needs help with post-production? I’ve been working with people from around the world to help them enhance their images. My regular clients use my retouching services for their beauty shots, portraits, business websites, clothing stores, or even Instagram posts. Send me a message and I’ll be happy to see how I can help.

About Elina

Hello! I am Elina, a Ukrainian photographer and retoucher now based in Vancouver, Canada. I love 🥤bubble tea, 🏇🏻horses, and 🥔fried potatoes.


Most of my photography comes from my second home—Berlin, Germany. I work with designers, skincare and fashion brands, and many influencers. My work has been featured by brands such as Dior, Calvin Klein to name a few and publications such as Vogue Italia, VZSN, Scorpio Jin.