Berlin Photographer and Retoucher
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Shooting candids is one of my most favorite activities. I find these images to be the best when it comes to freedom of creativity and imagination. In addition, the multicultural Berlin offers such an amazing variety of locations for such thematic photoshoots.


Fashion photoshoots is something I am extremely excited about. Shooting fashion gives me an opportunity to apply all my skills to showcase both the personality and the objects be it clothes, accessories etc. My new favorite is studio fashion shoots as it allows me to retouch and add some amazing post production effects.


If you are also a photographer and are looking for someone to help you with retouching, please feel free to reach out to me! Retouching brings me as much pleasure as taking photos. My primary focus is portrait retouching. I do, however, also retouch weddings and other photo shoots.

About Elina

Hello! I am Elina, a photographer and retoucher, who truly loves her job. I started my journey in Art as a retoucher and worked for a number of photographers from Canada, Germany, Russia, UK, US and Peru. Since then I have advanced my creative skills in photography by learning at Medvedev photography school and other creatives. I love shooting fashion, portraits, and candids in Berlin, Potsdam, and anywhere else in the world. I also love retouching mine and other photographers’ works.